6 Expectations, When you are Expecting … Results

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Benefits, Consultation

Everyone has expectations, for homeopathy what’s realistic?


So, you made it to your first homeopathic appointment and have high expectations and hopes for change. But what is reasonable to expect?

Well, depending on YOU and what your situation is it could be immediate OR take some time even a few years.

More of the acute cases can be dealt with very rapidly or within a few weeks and the more chronic cases can be longer.

Let’s talk about the potentially different responses or expectations you might encounter:

1) It’s immediate! WOW! Might be as soon as the little white pill hits your tongue. Amazing!
Like a hiccup, cough, or shock

2) It might be that you get a little aggravation of a symptom before it starts to subside and then improve.
We may need to adjust the frequency of dosing or how it is given (i.e. in water), but as the energy of the dose gets used up the aggravation goes with it

3) It might be that new symptoms appear that you never had before in your lifetime.
We then change the remedy that better matches the current symptoms

4) It may be that the old symptoms start to fade and new ones appear for a short time and then leave.

5) It may be that you get a ROS (return of old symptoms). Things from your past that pop up in order to resolve.
Which may be an eruption of an old skin issue or discharge from a suppressed disease and we may add a remedy to deal with this.

6) Nothing happens and we need to look further for another remedy or even just a different potency and frequency.

It is important to make note of your health complaint with a picture if applicable, of the severity (1-10), and the frequency and intensity of the situation so that you have something to gauge. For example, do you have itchy skin? Does it itch all day? Do you itch till you bleed? is it a 10? Then you take the remedy and it only itches morning and night, and then it itches only in the evening. Do you see? Now it may be a 2.

So with this new knowledge of “What to Expect” hang tight and wait for the healing to happen.

Continue with your follow-up visits and see the miracle of Homeopathy.


Message or book a consultation Lisa today and learn more about how homeopathy can help you and your entire family.



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