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Homeopathy is a System of medicine that is based on the principle of “like cures like”. It seeks to stimulate the body to fix the imbalance using a medicine that matches your symptoms.  It does not suppress symptoms as in allopathy but uses them, they are a gift for us.

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Services, Plans, and Pricing

Healthy. Holistic. Healing.

Use this form to send me a message or scroll down to the booking button to see my calendar and schedule a consultation directly. Fees are below. I am available to you for telephone, and video consultations. All online consultations use a Telehealth platform. Please note, all consultations are based in Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Payment is due at the time of service. An email invoice will be sent.


** Email and short telephone communications within reason are included in fees.

CANCELLATIONS: Out of respect for my time and other potential appointment opportunities, please cancel appointments with at least 48 hours notice.

NOTE: My services are not covered by insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. However, you may be able to use your FSA funds.

Additionally, if your appointment is ACUTE and there are no openings on the schedule please email me.

Initial Consultation

* Review history
* Discuss overall health
* Discuss current concerns
* Create protocol plan(s)

Follow-Up Visits

* Includes follow-up from any previous consultation (typically spaced out 8 weeks)
* Discuss improvements
* Create new protocol plan(s), if applicable

Acute Care

* Examples are colds, flu, injuries, etc.
* Issue(s) have been around for less than 3 to 4 weeks
* Includes up to 5 days of texting with protocol given when needed and/or changed

Couples Care Plan

* Includes Initial Consultation
* 6 Follow-Up Visits (every 8 weeks)
* Unlimited Acute Care (up to 5 days of texting per incident)
* Email Support Monday-Friday

Individual Care Plan

* Includes Initial Consultation
* 6 Follow-Up Visits (every 8 weeks)
* Unlimited Acute Care (up to 5 days of texting per incident)
* Email Support Monday-Friday

FREE 15-Minute Consultation

* Let’s see if we are a fit
* No obligations
* Briefly discuss overall health
* Briefly discuss current concerns


*** All plans and consults for chronic issues come with a protocol plan emailed to them within 1-3 days.

*** Remedies are not included in the cost but can be ordered and sent to you.

It is suggested to have a basic kit and/or the Banerji kit to get you started and be available for acute care.

Homeopathy Kits

Let Lisa Customize Your Remedies

Lisa can now customize kits based on your remedy needs. Email Lisa your remedies (by name) and potency, she will be happy to personalize your kit. The sizes of the remedies will be in 1-dram vials. Lisa can also send packets to you and not a whole vial for $7.50 per remedy. Just ensure you are specific with your needs when emailing Lisa.

NOTE: Remember, remedies DO NOT go bad.

200c 100 Remedies

$175 for 20 remedies

200c 50 Remedies

$200 for 25 remedies

30c 50 Remedies

$385 for 50 remedies

Banerji Remedies Kit

$465 for 64 remedies

NOTE: Lisa contributes a portion of her income from your services to the following:

   – Americans for Homeopathy Choice
   – Homeopaths Without Borders –
– Banerji Clinic –

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