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I am a wife, mom, and grandma who has been using natural ways of healing for most of my “mom” career (herbs, supplements, oils, and Weston A Price eating).


“You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths (orthodoxy) to destroy it.” – Mark Twain

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How it all started …

My first introduction to Homeopathy started with the little teething tablets for my son Bryan at the age of 1 (now 31). My mom suggested I try them since that is what her doctor suggested she try for me when I was teething (he wrote it down on my health record from the doctor’s office).

My mom had been a nurse before I was born and I was given a small “doctor” bag filled with little vials of white pills as a “child’s” gift when I was just a few years old.

As the years went on I had more chances to use homeopathy as it pertained to raising boys :-). There was no lack of injuries to treat, whether it was bike accidents, falls from the bunk bed, or colds and cases of flu. I even found a homeopath who was a great encourager and teacher, Barbara Miller.

Then as the boys grew, left the nest and our life changed I realized I still wanted to treat them, their wives, and their children. I wanted to help them look to a medicine that was gentle, was tasty; some kind of medicine we all thought we were getting when we were small, “a spoonful of sugar” or in homeopathy’s case a sugar pill.

Now, when my grandchildren come in the door and are not feeling well, they come to grandma and ask, “Do you have medicine for me?” My heart swells.

To those who come into my life’s path, I love the chance to try and help them to feel better; to help their body restore itself to health with no side effects; to help them get back out in the world and keep moving, living their purpose.

Lisa Wheeler, PHom
Practical Homeopathic Consultant

Certifications and Education

Knowledge is power to pass along …

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  • The Academy of Practical Homeopathy – November 2022


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